Friday, May 21, 2010

That's probably not good...

1) Lab safety came by a few weeks ago so we baby-proofed the lab for the year. I removed all the food from my desk. I was doing pretty good at keeping everything in my locker but the food is encroaching once again. Not only a safety violation but WAY to tempting to eat it at all times. And I never thought I'd be guilty of this violation at all...

2) Pubmed is no longer one of my "top sites" according to Google Chrome. It's been replaced by the likes of Netflix, Facebook, My blog and my Google Reader. (If you don't know what Pubmed is, it's the place where we can look up all our research articles for doing, ya know, research)

3) There was some debris or growth on the bottom of my travel mug today. I'm pretty good about cleaning it but last week I must have failed. I had to use the breakroom scrubby to clean it. Just imagine a scrubby that's probably been here longer than I have...or maybe longer than I've had a scientific career period.

4) Our lab has a new lab pet. The slime mold that contaminated our bacterial culture media. Which, btw, was in a aluminum foil covered Erlenmeyer flask.

5) Food in my desk - I've officially eaten 3 pieces of Mamba candy during the typing of this post.

6) I'm still obsessively buying yarn on eBay. (However, I did get 2 commissions for hats from coworkers yesterday.)

And finally...Mmmm Bacon

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