Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Something a little different to make at home.

1) Someday I'm going to make fresh flower leis and remember my Hawaiian trip.

2) Nom nom nom - recipe here

3) Exfoliating body scrub

Scrub stuff that a friend of mine told me about. I've used it and it's pretty awesome. It doesn't last forever b/c of the honey, but it can be a good group project and it smells great. They were bachelorette party favors for us.

Sugar Scrub - fantastic exfoliating scrub that is great for softening
up feet or elbows or for a smoother shave
1 c Honey
2 c Sugar
2 tbs tea
5 drops vanilla

4) Sundaes made of washcloths - how to here

A friend of mine had one and I thought they were really cute. They also have the how-tos for cupcakes and lollipops

5) In my quest for photos, I found this and thought it was cute

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