Monday, March 29, 2010

Reminding myself that science doesn't suck...

Somewhere buried deep in the depths of the internet (and maybe my computer) is an entry from my freeopendiary which I had pretty much forgotten about. Until yet another re-occurrence of "science sucks". I went to MCB 253 lab and we were visualizing actin. We used a rhodamin-phalloidin dye on 3T3 cells and looked at them under the microscope. Strangely, I found the picture below on the updated website from that class, years later. Weird. I still remember how excited I was. 1/2 a week of MCB students had as of yet been unable to make the experiment work. Somehow, my partner and I were the first (They probably opened a new tube of antibody or something) and I just went, holy crap, this is awesome. And I was excited again. So this is my reminder, that I really do enjoy science.

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