Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Love in 2D

This evening I came across this article through a series of clicks starting with a silly picture of a man hugging his new wife/pillow and I'm fascinated...and admittedly frightened.

The short of it, adults "in love" with 2D characters. I use quotes because there are varying degrees of this phenomenon and as described in the first article, a ratings system based on your interest in human companionship to the 2D sort supplemented by your imagination.

Like most people, my first reaction is "whoa" and I'm sure many of those people would never change their thoughts much past "freak." I'm not saying this is normal or good, but it is an interesting insight into the human condition and if that's what a person needs to get through the day without feeling like crap, I won't argue with it. It does freak me out that some of these people have images and love for underage imaginary characters. THAT freaks me out.

It still has discomforting elements for sure, if I met someone carrying around a body pillow I really don't know how I'd react. But I remember my imaginary worlds and friends and how comforting I found them. Then I grew up. It sounds like some of them were never shown HOW to grow up. Or maybe I'm completely wrong.

Hmmm...late night ramblings...

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