Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Origin of KKisms....(This is for you Tim)

So this was the suggestion of our lab post-doc. We've had a few times where I've come up with crazy revelations. Then one was posted on Gizmodo - a month after we'd discussed it in the lab. Sooo...Kkisms...random thoughts/ideas that pass my mind (don't expect to understand)

The thought? What happens of facebook/myspace/blogs/etc when we die?? Facebook's Answer So I guess leave your passwords to someone. (Update: Twitter's Non-answer)

Another lab thought. Why is St. Louis one of the worst cities in the US for allergies? My answer: It never gets cold enough to hard freeze which allows a lot more plants to live through the winter. Mold spores, pollinating plants, etc all survive. It also doesn't get hot enough to kill off a lot of stuff. It gets enough wet and still has the midwest awesome soil. This darn place is just too good for growing stuff and turning my bread into compost.

New favorite things? Yanko Design stuffs Awesome Stemware (If you are reading this and as are yet unaware...I LOVE glassware.) Awesome Watch Ooo...also LIGHTING!

More randomness to come...

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